Elective Classes

Although not required, you will have the opportunity to take the following classes in order to broaden your knowledge of the Bible and give you a deeper perspective as you approach your ministry.
Church History

This class will provide an introduction to defending the faith using Scripture and historical and scientific perspectives. Is there a procedure for dealing with doubt? Can Scripture be verified? Where is history taking us? These and other questions will be discussed as this course examines, challenges, and explains the two constant themes of faith and knowing. It is designed to equip you to think about the religious or “faith-based” nature of all knowledge or truth claims, and how the biblical gospel of Jesus can and should be both defended and commended.

Teaching The Bible: A+ Teaching
Basic Counseling

The student will learn how to apply the principles of God’s Word to his/her life and the lives of others, so that they may offer effective, timely intervention in a critical time of need. You will examine how to approach some common and difficult problems in the lives of people who seek pastoral counseling, such as: alcoholism, depression, pornography, parent-child conflict, doubt, and more. You will learn how to discern the need for short term counseling, and the when to refer someone for more significant, long term intervention.

Trip To Israel

The Israel preparation class helps students get the most out of their Israel trip. This course will prepare students for the trip, what to expect, and will give background information that will tie into the Old Testament Survey courses. It combines biblical geography, Hebrew culture, customs and practices of Jesus’ time. It will provide a better understanding of the land and the context in which the Bible takes place.